Pepin-Architecture explores the design and creation of miniature buildings in ceramics. The process is rigorous; using fine sculpting clay, each piece is created by hand then low fired in a kiln. Painting and enameling then occurs and the piece is fired at a higher temperature. Finally, the painting of details is performed along with final glazing. Because they are entirely made by hand, each piece is unique.

About the Artist


The artist, Stéphane Pépin, was born in 1968 and is an Engineering graduate from Canada. He developed an interest in architecture at a young age which ignited a deep passion for miniatures. He has been residing in Arizona since 1999 and he owns and operates a small business that hand-makes display scenes for the wonderful Department 56 villages, which can be seen at

On a trip to Paris, Stéphane discovered the Original Gault Limoges clay miniatures that were create from the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s (click the Gault-France page for historical information about these beautiful pieces). As it became increasingly difficult to find these pieces, Stéphane turned his passion into creating Pepin-Architecture to explore making new ceramics miniatures of similar scale to grow his own scenes and possibly for interested collectors. Pepin-Architecture does not copy or reproduce the work of Gault or other artists; the creations begin with inspirations from actual structures, then adapted for the world of miniatures through a hand-drawn sketch, and from there the magic of immortalizing the piece in ceramics begins. Click the Creations page to view various projects around the design and creation of miniature buildings in ceramics.